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Alloy Fan Blade Poultry Hanging Fan for Modern Style Ventilation Solution

Alloy Fan Blade Poultry Hanging Fan for Modern Style Ventilation Solution

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Product Details
Blade Diameter:
Frame Size:
Fan Blade:
4pcs 304 Stainless Steel(1mm Thickness)
Energy Saving And High Efficiency
PMSM Motor
Product Name:
Circulation Fan
Riveted In One Time, Good Balance And Low Noise
Frame Material:
High-strength Double-layer PE
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Product Description

Product Description:

poultry farm ventilation fans

Our Livestock Ventilation Fans are the perfect solution for indoor industrial ceiling fan needs. With its energy saving and high efficiency features, this industrial fan is a must-have for any poultry farm ventilation system.

Featuring a shell made of LLDP, this fan is designed to withstand harsh environments and provide long-lasting performance. The blade diameter of 115cm ensures maximum air flow, keeping your livestock cool and comfortable.

The DC motor used in our Livestock Ventilation Fans is not only energy efficient, but also operates quietly, making it ideal for use in indoor spaces. This modern style fan adds a touch of elegance to any industrial setting, while also providing practical functionality.

Don't settle for subpar ventilation in your poultry farm. Upgrade to our Livestock Ventilation Fans and experience the difference in energy savings and efficiency. Keep your livestock happy and healthy with our top-of-the-line industrial fans.

Alloy Fan Blade Poultry Hanging Fan for Modern Style Ventilation Solution 0

Technical Parameters:

Product Name Livestock Ventilation Fans
Frame Material High-strength Double-layer PE
Motor PMSM Motor
Air Volume
Feature Energy Saving And High Efficiency
Key Features Indoor Industrial Ceiling Fan, DC Industrial Wall Fan, Poultry Farm Ventilation Fans



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Terrui Livestock Ventilation Fans


Terrui Livestock Ventilation Fans are specifically designed for use in poultry farms to provide efficient and effective cooling for the animals. These fans are also suitable for other livestock farming such as pig, cattle, and sheep farming.


The hot and humid environment in poultry farms can be uncomfortable and stressful for the animals, leading to reduced productivity and increased risk of diseases. With Terrui Livestock Ventilation Fans, this can be easily solved by providing a cool and comfortable environment for the animals.

Product Attributes:
  • Circulation Fan: The fans are designed to provide efficient air circulation to keep the temperature and humidity at an optimal level for the animals.
  • Industrial Fan: With its powerful motor and high-quality fan blade, Terrui Livestock Ventilation Fans are suitable for industrial use and can withstand the harsh conditions of poultry farms.
  • Industrial Ceiling Fan: These fans are installed on the ceiling of the poultry farm, making them space-saving and safe for the animals.
  • Exhaust Fan: The fans are also equipped with an exhaust function to remove stale air and odors from the poultry farm, ensuring a fresh and clean environment for the animals.
  • Ventilation Fan: Terrui Livestock Ventilation Fans are designed to provide proper ventilation for the animals, promoting their health and well-being.
  • Poultry Farm: These fans are suitable for all types of poultry farms, including chicken, duck, and turkey farms.
  • Cooling System: The fans can be used as part of a cooling system to reduce the temperature and humidity in the poultry farm, creating a comfortable environment for the animals.
  • Energy Efficient: With the use of DC motors and energy-saving technology, Terrui Livestock Ventilation Fans can significantly reduce energy consumption and save on electricity costs.

Choose Terrui Livestock Ventilation Fans for a cool and comfortable environment for your animals!


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