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The most economical way of cooling the workshop —— Large industrial ceiling fan Products | Terrui


Latest company news about The most economical way of cooling the workshop —— Large industrial ceiling fan Products | Terrui

The most economical way of cooling the workshop —— Large industrial ceiling fan


The weather gradually warms up, the day time will be longer and longer, people's working hours will gradually extend, the workload will increase, summer is often a lot of factories, industry orders, the busiest season, industrial ceiling fans in summer can help employees cool down, employees work environment improvement at the same time, efficiency is also improved, to bring more economic benefits to the enterprise.


Then what is permanent magnet industrial ceiling fan? Follow me to Learn more!



Characteristics of Terui permanent magnet industrial large ceiling fan

1.Easy maintenance, save time and effort


Terrui EC motor adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction, double bearing transmission, sealing structure, no need to change the oil, dust proof and oil resistance, more convenient maintenance

2.Small size, convenient installation

The volume of Terrui EC motor is 1/3 of that of traditional motor. Hoisting method saves at least 30% of space and makes installation easier

3.Low noise, multi-scene use

The noise of permanent magnet motor is about 60% lower than that of traditional motor, and the low noise is quiet. Industrial ceiling fans can also be installed in places requiring noise

4.Energy saving, reduce costs

Permanent magnet motor one hour consumption than traditional motor energy saving 30%, collocation air conditioning use greatly reduce energy waste

5.High safety performance, more protection

The permanent magnet industrial large ceiling fan is drawn by four wire ropes to ensure the smooth operation of the ceiling fan. The key connecting parts are protected twice to ensure the overall safety of the ceiling fan


The high temperature environment not only affects the work efficiency, but also causes a large number of industrial accidents. Studies have shown that when people work at 28 ℃ to 32℃, their work efficiency begins to decline and they are more prone to fatigue. When the temperature reaches above 32℃, human attention and sensitivity also begin to be affected. Mental work is more sensitive to temperature. When the temperature reaches 29℃, the efficiency of mental work begins to decrease. The higher the temperature, the shorter the duration of operation.



Data show that the high temperature environment also affects the accident rate. When the temperature is about 20-24℃, the accident rate is the lowest, and when the temperature is above 30℃ or below 10℃, the accident rate will increase significantly. High temperature working environment not only affects production efficiency, but also affects people's health. In high temperatures, high humidity and no wind, physical labor or strenuous exercise can lead to heat sickness, which has a high fatality rate


Don't worry, now workshop, warehouse, factory are popular with a "Terrui industrial big ceiling fan".


The body feels as comfortable as the draught, reducing the body temperature 5-8℃!



Terrui Industrial large ceiling fan is a huge energy saving fan with a diameter of 7.3 meters. It only uses 1.5KW power to drive a large amount of air flow (13050m³/min) to bring a large area of natural draught experience. Users can speed up to an excellent body temperature by stepless speed regulation according to the change of ambient temperature. Covering an area of more than 1000 square meters, the temperature of human body can drop by 5 to 8 degrees in summer, completely eliminating the traditional wall-mounted industrial small fan. It can also be used with air conditioning, or even replace air conditioning in some conditions. It is the perfect solution for ventilation and cooling in tall and wide confined Spaces.



In contrast to traditional wall-mounted industrial fans, a Terui ceiling fan with a diameter of 7.3 meters covers about the same area as 50 small 0.75 meters traditional fans. For example, to achieve the full coverage of a 10,000 square meter factory, 300 small fans are needed, while only 10 are needed to use Terui ceiling fans. According to the use of 8 months a year, 10 hours a day, Terui Da ceiling fan energy saving 92 percent.


With 10,000 square meters of 10 meters high plant calculation, if the use of air conditioning, an hour of electricity can be as high as 500 yuan, a day to work for 8 hours, a month of electricity as high as 120,000 yuan. With the Terrui ceiling fan, it is possible to install 10 sets of 1.5Kw per hour at the rated power. The monthly electricity cost is only 2,000 yuan, 1.7 percent of that of air conditioning. If the fan is turned on three months a year, it can save 354,000 yuan in electricity bills.


Terrui Industrial large ceiling fan application field

● Large logistics warehouse and distribution center: improve air quality, dehumidification and cooling, can prevent storage rust, decay, and improve the working environment.

● Super large plant: such as machining, automobile maintenance, aircraft assembly, shipbuilding and other factory workshops, can improve the efficiency of ventilation.

● Public places: such as shopping malls, stadiums, railway stations, airports and other places with large flow of people, can promote air circulation, eliminate odor, create a comfortable public environment.

● Large farms: including dairy farms, feedlots, hatcheries, etc. Good ventilation improves air quality, removes moisture and dampness, deodorizes and reduces morbidity in livestock. The right temperature can make livestock feel comfortable and stimulate rapid growth.

● Outdoor personnel intensive: such as the construction site of urban construction, can provide a cooler working environment for outdoor workers; Such as outdoor dining and other places, can bring consumers a more comfortable dining experience.

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