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Terrui New Calf Hutch Put Into Use at Ranch


Latest company news about Terrui New Calf Hutch Put Into Use at Ranch

The internal activity area of Calf Island is about 2.88 square meters, plus the outdoor activity area of 1.95 square meters, so that the calf has a free activity area of about 4.83 square meters, ensuring that the calf has enough activity space to promote healthy growth.


New appearance design, more reasonable structure, no deformation after long-term use
The white color of Calf Island reflects a lot of the sun's heat. The body has good heat insulation and anti-ultraviolet functions, and the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the calf villa is about 5-8 degrees Celsius


Standard swivel rear window for increased ventilation
Optional upgrade model, more convenient to move, convenient for regular sterilization and disinfection of the calf feeding area
Optional front door opening method, left door, right door, full door can be customized


The calf island fence gate is equipped with 2 bucket frames for easy feeding.
The calf island can be installed, cleaned and transferred by one person.

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