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Summer Calf Hutch Management Suggestions


Latest company news about Summer Calf Hutch Management Suggestions

Summer Calf Hutch Management Suggestions

The Terrui Calf Hutch is a modern livestock breeding device, designed and developed specifically for farms. It integrates advanced technology and scientific breeding concepts, injecting new vitality into the dairy farming industry.


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The Terrui Calf Hutch has multiple functions, including: 

  • Provide calves with separate spaces to prevent disturbance and disease spread.
  • Provide suitable temperature and airflow to enhance calf comfort.
  • User-friendly design for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Front fence is with two bucket holders, suitable for plastic or stainless buckers.
  • The white color of the Calf Hutch reflects a large amount of solar heat, providing excellent insulation. The temperature inside the Calf Hutch is approximately 3 to 5 degrees Celsius lower than the outside temperature.


Key features of the Calf Hutch include: 

  • Sustainable development, environmentally friendly materials, and easy to clean and maintain.
  • Humanized detail design, such as rounded corners, to prevent calf injury.
  • Simple installation, diverse styles, can choose the appropriate type according to the site.
  • Calf Hutch has multiple ventilation designs to create a good and comfortable ventilation environment for calves, keep their living space dry and clean, and promote the growth of calves.
  • Easy installation and moving, labor-saving.
  • Made from food-grade heavy-duty, impact-resistant polyethylene. One shot Roto-molded process brings the calf hutch more strength and long-life usage, no rust forever and ECO friendly, -40℃ strength testing passed.
Product Parameter


 Product name:   Terrui Calf Hutch
 Product model: 
 Frame size: 
 Material:   Polyethylene
 Wall thickness:   5mm
 Weight:   45KG
 Light transmittance:   < 1%
 Process:   Robot Cutting


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Application Scenarios


The Terrui Calf Hutch is suitable for all types of dairy farms, especially those that prioritize the well-being of their young stock. It provides a high-quality breeding environment, effectively addressing air quality and cooling issues, and ensures the healthy growth of young cattle.


Q & A


Q: Does Calf Hutch need cleaning and disinfection?

A: Yes, Terrui Calf Hutch is made of preservative materials, and is very easy to clean and disinfect. Regular cleaning and disinfection of the calf hutch is important to ensure calf health.


Q: What sizes are available for the Terrui calf hutch products?

A: The size of Terrui calf hutch products can be customized to meet customer requirements, with a standard size of 220014501400mm. If customers have specific size requirements, we can also provide customized production.


Q: What stage of calf housing is suitable for calves?

A: Typically, the Terrui calf hutch is suitable for calves from birth to weaning and beyond, meeting their special growth needs during this stage.

By introducing our calf hutch, farms can improve the living environment for calves, enhance air quality, and ensure the healthy growth of the herd. Please feel free to inquire about or order our Calf Hutch products, and we will be dedicated to serving you.





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