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Summer calf care reminders


Latest company news about Summer calf care reminders

Summer calf care reminders


Tips for keeping your calves cool and hydrated during the summer months to promote growth, reduce illness, and prevent heat stress.


Due to the young immune system, the calf is considered to be a high-risk age group.Preventing heat stress has a long-term impact on the health and future performance of the calf. When the calf faces heat stress, we see decreased intake, reduced growth, increased respiration, and lower nutritional efficiency.However, heat stress can be mitigated through several different methods.

Proper ventilation of the calf hutches

Terrui's calf hutch has several characteristics, including ridge top vents that are wider at the bottom and adjustable rear and side vents, as seen in the image below. These two vents promote the ideal air flow within the calf hutch, which can not only provide the cattle with a fresh and comfortable living environment, but also reduce the risk of disease transmission.

In this kind of cattle hutch, the air can flow more freely, effectively remove the polluted air, and allow the fresh air to come in.


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Calf hutch placement


When selecting an area to put hutches, natural air movement should be a priority.

Calf hutches can be arranged in rows or staggered. During the summer, they should be placed under the shade of trees or in front of trees, helping to cool the ambient temperature.In winter, it is placed leeward to the sun, behind the wind can be sheltered, conducive to reducing the wind and raising the local ambient temperature.

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Calf Hutch ranch shot


Continuous Access to Water for Calves of All Ages


Calves should be provided water twice daily, at minimum.Research show that all calves should obtain sufficient water before the third day after their birth to promote growth, development, and health.

Here is an introduction to the Terrui cattle watering trough. It has a proper size and depth to accommodate the drinking needs of the cattle. The design allows easy access for the animals to drink whenever they are thirsty.It is also easy to clean and maintain to ensure that the water remains clean and hygienic for a healthier herd.

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Cooling equipment - Terrui Industrial Fan


No matter through what kind of ways to relieve the heat stress of cattle, ventilation and air quality are crucial. Terrui industrial fans can effectively avoid the heat stress of dairy cows.

The Terrui fan operates at high speed, with a large air volume and concentrated wind force, covering a larger area.When used with the intelligent spray system, it effectively relieves heat stress in dairy cows.Moreover, the Terrui fan supports a variety of speed control and other functions, can do various signal outputs, and can achieve a scientific and precise air supply mode to achieve the effect of high efficiency and energy saving.

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