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Keep Your Ranch Cool All Summer - Terrui Dairy Visual Soaking System


Latest company news about Keep Your Ranch Cool All Summer - Terrui Dairy Visual Soaking System

Keep Your Ranch Cool All Summer - Terrui Dairy Visual Soaking System

In summer, combining the visual soaking system with an exhaust fan is the most effective method for alleviating heat stress in cows. The visual soaking system is a device that can automatically control the environment within a pasture. In a dairy farm, the Visual Soaking System adjusts cattle temperature, humidity, and ventilation, ensuring a comfortable and healthy growth environment.


terrui ai precision spray system


Key features of the Terrui Dairy Visual Soaking System include:


This advanced solution is designed to provide tailored comfort for your livestock, ensuring efficient cooling based on the presence of dairy cows in the cooling zone.

  • Intelligent connected APP system for remote control
  • Precise spraying for increased water efficiency, saving 45% compared to traditional spray systems
  • Large water droplets quickly wet the cow's hair and reach the surface of the cow's skin for rapid cooling
  • Stable operation, safe and reliable, reducing maintenance rates
  • Spraying error rate is less than 3%
  • Can switch to regular spray mode with a single button
  • The spraying is triggered only when cows extend their heads into the neck yoke, and maintaining appropriate temperatures helps increase their feed intake.
  • Spraying occurs when there are cows present and stops when there are none.
  • The nozzles utilize the US TEEJET brand, known for its effectiveness. They produce larger water droplets, quickly wetting the cow's hair, thereby reducing soaking system run times.
  • The Terrui Dairy Visual Soaking System features stable water pressure and flow rate, and has a long service life.


Technical parameter


Mode of operation single-point sensing, individual spraying
Starting conditions based on set temperature and time, spray when there are cows, no spray when there are no cows
Coverage 150cm horizontally, 190cm vertically.
Nozzle flow 0.9-1.8l/min


  • Accurate identification of cattle positions enables controlled spraying in specific areas. Real-time monitoring and intelligent analysis of barn conditions via cameras enable precise point-to-point spraying. 
  • Enhance AI analysis applications, strengthen cattle barn scene algorithms, and ensure accurate differentiation between "human" and "cattle" images.
  • Effectively control spraying without being affected by object movement or fan rotation, ensuring precision and effectiveness.


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