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72’’ Rui Feng Circulation Fan


Latest company news about 72’’ Rui Feng Circulation Fan

Developed and released 72’’ Rui Feng Circulation Fan, which had advantages as below:

1. The shell is made from imported polyethylene, more environmental than FRP

2.Traditional belt transmission is not directly connected, and the maintenance cost is relatively high. In actual application, the transmission efficiency of the belt will decrease as times go by, more regular manual replacement and maintenance are needed. Our design reduced the frequency and cost of maintenance, more trouble- saving,more efficient.

3. The rotating speed is 320RPM, higher than the 300RPM products on the market, bringing greater wind speed and air volume
4. In the same volume, our fan is much lighter. ( the density of FRP is 1.2.0g/cm3, the density of PE is 0.936 ~ 0.964g/cm3)
5. 23 quality process inspection, 100% full inspection of each fan (including noise, vibration, blade speed, air volume, concentric performance, efficiency, etc.)
6.Good heat dissipation, high efficiency (direct drive), more durable
7.Low noise, less than 70 decibels, more comfortable for animals
8. High efficiency, the efficiency can be up to 86%, which can greatly save electricity.
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