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Why give cows "fresh" water?


Latest company news about Why give cows

Why give cows "fresh" water?

Drink fresh water for higher productivity! Cleanliness, microorganisms, and chemicals all affect water quality. Cows are more sensitive to water quality than humans. Suboptimal water quality directly impacts the water intake of cows, leading to decreased health and productivity.


1. Key features of the water trough include:
  • Imported polyethylene rotary molding ensures a beautiful appearance and longer service life.
  • The double-layer construction effectively keeps out air and water, minimizing the effects of external influences on the water in the trough and preserving its excellent thermal qualities in both the summer and the winter.
  • The bolt design features a unique open-close structure that is quick and simple to operate, high-yielding, labor-saving, and efficient.
  • Equipped with an automatic water input system for timely replenishment, ensuring that cows and other livestock have access to an ample supply of free, clean water.
  • The cleaning drainage system is simple and easy to maintain fresh water at all times.

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2. The Terrui water troughs heat up quickly and efficiently


Cows can only passively accept the water provided by the farm, including its temperature and quality. The Terrui watering trough allows cows to drink more warm water in winter.


First, Terrui water troughs feature an integrated design combining the trough and electric heaters, allowing heating even without a cover.


Second, Terrui evenly distributes four heating elements at the bottom of the water trough, allowing each drinking area to heat up more efficiently, without the ends of the sink getting too cold.


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3. Using Cow-Friendly Materials to Increase Water Intake
The water trough is made of heavy-duty, impact-resistant polyethylene, with a one-shot roto-molded process that provides more strength and long-lasting use. The interior filling is polyurethane insulation material, and the thickness of the insulation layer of the tank is >50mm. All edges and corners of the trough are streamlined and curved, ensuring that cows won't get injured when drinking in crowded conditions. This design is particularly cow-friendly.
4. Real-Time Monitoring of the Water Trough
Utilizing the Terrui IoT system, the water trough is intelligently monitored and controlled in real-time, allowing users to view temperature curves, water consumption curves, power curves, electricity consumption curves, and more.


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