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What is an electronic fence?


Latest company news about What is an electronic fence?

What is an electronic fence?

The Terrui electronic fence encloses an area with electrified wires, delivering a pulse of electric current once per second. When animals touch the fence, they receive a brief, safe electric shock, triggering a reflex that deters them from touching it again. Warning signs are displayed at the front end to deter and prevent intruders.


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Why are more and more farmers choosing electronic fences?

Due to the disadvantages of traditional fencing, more and more farmers are choosing electronic fences.

Disadvantages of traditional fencing include: 

  • The fence is old, with high maintenance costs and labor.
  • Not movable, heavy materials make transportation inconvenient.
  • The fence fails to contain livestock, they often jump out, and it doesn't deter wild animal intrusion.
  • The fence is susceptible to breakage or collapse due to exposure to wind, sun, and scratching by livestock.

Transforming the traditional fence into an electric one is crucial to address these issues. The Terrui electronic fence integrates animal fencing, alarm, and intelligent display. It comprises posts, insulators, and electrified ropes.

Key features of the Terrui electronic fence include:

  • Affordable and durable.
  • Prevent livestock, such as cattle, horses, and sheep, from wandering.
  • Also prevent animals like wolves and wild boars from poaching.
  • Easy to install.
  • Convenient to relocate, the Terrui electronic fence requires fewer components, making relocation relatively easy.
  • Flexible power supply options, including rechargeable batteries or solar panels, and easy to use.

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