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How to deal with heat stress of cows?


Latest company news about How to deal with heat stress of cows?














How to deal with heat stress of cows?


Fans as a tool commonly used to reduce summer heat stress in dairy farms have been gaining attention in recent years. By evaporating the moisture on the skin surface to take out the heat from the body, and then using the wind provided by the fan to quickly circulate to the outside, the perceived temperature is lowered. It should be emphasized here that fans cannot actually reduce body temperature, but by accelerating the flow of water vapor, make the perceived temperature lower, and make the cow feel cooler.

The normal body temperature of cows is 38.5℃-39.3℃, the suitable environment temperature range is 5℃-25℃, the most suitable temperature for cow production is 10℃-20℃, when the air temperature exceeds 27℃, cows will show heat stress response such as reduced feed intake, reproductive performance, and immune function.



Heat stress can reduce milk production by 20%.



Clinical manifestations of heat stress in dairy cows


Hot climate conditions will lead to the destruction or imbalance of heat balance of dairy cows, resulting in "heat stress" response of dairy cows. The so-called heat stress response of dairy cows refers to a series of reactions caused by the stimulation of heat. Heat stress of dairy cows will cause shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, rise of body temperature, decreased appetite, disorder of estrus mechanism, decrease of mating conception rate, slow growth of calves and increase of mortality and other symptoms, resulting in significant decrease of milk production and reproductive rate, decrease of resistance and increase of morbidity.
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What ranchers are doing to deal with heat stress



Improve the living environment of cows to reduce the pressure caused by the heat. First of all, block external heat sources from entering the cow shed and exercise field, at the same time, promote the heat and moisture inside the cow shed to be discharged outside, and promote the release of cow body heat through measures such as air supply, spray water and sprinkle water.
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Improve welfare and environmental conditions


The cow shed should be built in a well-ventilated place to promote the discharge of heat and moisture in the cow shed. Use materials with good insulation performance to build the roof or add eaves to reduce heat radiation. Set up shade on the top of the cow shed, plant vines, spray water or brush lime mud to reduce reflected heat and radiation heat.


Set up simple shade in the cow exercise field, the shade should be about 5 meters high, the material of the top should have good thermal insulation performance and small radiation coefficient, the top should be built in an inclined shape to facilitate air circulation.


Install large ventilation fans and fans in the shed to accelerate the flow rate of the gas in the shed for cow body heat dissipation. Air supply is most effective in hot season, which is very important for cow body heat dissipation. But the difference between cow body temperature and air temperature is relatively large at night, so the air supply time can be shortened. Generally, the peak of cow body temperature appears in the evening, so when the air temperature is higher than 29℃ and the humidity is above 50%, cooling is needed from 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. Cows generally lie horizontally at night, so low ventilation and air supply can be changed.


Plant trees and grass moderately around the cow shed and exercise field to reduce sunlight radiation, prevent hot air from entering the cow shed, and improve the microclimate of the cow farm.


Cooling should be carried out in the milking waiting area and during milking. When cows walk to the milking waiting area in summer, heat stress will increase, and the heat generated during milking will also increase. Therefore, it is necessary to cool down in these two areas, install fans with higher power, let a lot of air blow through the water around the cow body, to reduce heat stress.




Adjust the feed nutrition and improve the feeding management


By adjusting the feed structure and feeding techniques, try to reduce or inhibit the production of heat unrelated to milk production. Change the feeding method, daily feeding should avoid feeding at the hottest time, early morning should be fed early, late night should be delayed. Adjust the structure of the feed, the nutritional level should be appropriately increased in the feed, and the proportion of concentrates should be appropriately increased. Adding high-quality baking soda to the feed to regulate the environment in the cow's rumen and prevent acid poisoning.

The perfect combination of fan and sprinkler system is the best measure to relieve cow heat stress.


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Terrui fan + intelligent spray

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Wuhan Guangming Pasture

The perfect combination of fans and intelligent sprinklers


Terrui fans, in summer, cool animals, control insects, and avoid cow heat stress; in winter, control humidity, dry bedding, and improve cow comfort.

Product features:



● Terrui independently developed Internet of Things software system mobile APP intelligent remote control fan and spray system


● The fan frame is made of high quality imported polyethylene material, roll-plastic process, one-time forming, strong and durable, never rust


● 304 stainless steel fan blade, one-time forming, good balance, large air volume, low noise


● Can reduce heat stress response, remove harmful gases and increase milk production


● The plastic shell can be directly washed with water


● Using EC permanent magnet motor, high intelligence, high energy efficiency, long life, small vibration, can sustain continuous work


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Guangming Ranch in Funan, Anhui Province


Shanghai Terrui has gradually developed and established a perfect management system from pre-sale, in-sale to after-sale in the common growth with customers. Adhering to the quality for survival, technology for development, service for growth, with excellent quality and professional and comprehensive service, it brings real benefits to customers.


Shanghai Terrui always keeps an eye on the future, takes science and technology as the guide, and strives to build the enterprise into a modern livestock equipment manufacturing enterprise with healthy and sustainable development and core competitiveness. With customer service as the center, consolidate the Chinese animal husbandry and serve the global pasture.


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