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Building and Managing Super Calf Hutches


Latest company news about Building and Managing Super Calf Hutches

Building and Managing Super Calf Hutches


Baby calves need adequate nutrition, housing and other types of care to grow into a healthy and productive adult cow or bull. Terrui Calf Hutchesare a healthy housing alternative for calves in their first 10 weeks of life.​Independent research has shown that outdoor ventilated hutches have a major impact on the reduction of calf mortality rates and also reduce the spread of disease. Terrui provides a broad range of calf hutches designed for both single and group housing. Terrui hutches are robust, hard-wearing, and weather-resistant. Terrui hutches are portable, ventilated, and easy to clean which allows more hygienic and healthy surroundings for the young calf.


Here are some quick tips for properly caring for calves: 

  • Keep young calves separated until they are weaned. Once a calf has been weaned and if the calf is healthy and disease-free, release the calf into the herd.
  • Sanitize calf pens, hutches, waterers, and buckets before introducing a new calf into a previously occupied space.
  • Work with your local ag extension service to develop a biosecurity plan for proper herd management.

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Calf hutches

Benefits of the Terrui Calf Hutches

  • Reduced infections mean healthier calves
  • Lower veterinary and treatment costs
  • Easy to clean, more hygienic
  • Produces calves with rapid growth rates and healthier appearances
  • Bedding costs are reduced​​

​​Key Features of the Terrui Calf Hutches include

  • Calf Hutch adopts high-quality imported hot rotoplastic special polyethylene, and the manufacturing process of one molding makes the product seamless, durable, and long service life.
  • It is independent single-column feeding, isolating cattle from each other, greatly reducing the disease rate and survival rate of cattle with high body height.
  • Calf Hutch has multiple ventilation designs to create a good and comfortable ventilation environment for calves, keep their living space dry and clean, and promote the growth of calves.
  • Simple installation, diverse styles, can choose the appropriate type according to the site.

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Calf pens

Key Features of the Terrui Calf Pens include:

  1. The Calf Pen can be used together with the Calf Hutch, which is more convenient to use together and reduces the damage to the calf.
  2. Three Calf pens in a group, simple installation, overall stability, and firmness. With sufficient height and strength to ensure that calves will not easily cross or break.
  3. The Calf Pen has two bucket holders in the front enclosure for easy mixing of raw food. The whole hot dip is galvanized, with good corrosion resistance.
  4. The Calf Pen can withstand the impact of animals and harsh environments and can maintain good conditions for a long time.





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