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Terrui 88 Model 4.0 Version 2 Hole Flat Float Ball Anti Freeze Heating Insulated Water Trough

Terrui 88 Model 4.0 Version 2 Hole Flat Float Ball Anti Freeze Heating Insulated Water Trough

Anti-freeze Heating Insulated Water Trough

2 Hole Insulated Water Trough

Flat Float Ball Insulated Water Trough

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Product Details
1 Year
Automatic Control:
Water Capacity:
Heating Method:
1 Set Of 220V 300W Heating Plate
Corrosion Resistance:
Temperature Control Method:
Built-in Temperature Control,15-40°C
Drinking Height:
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Wooden pallet
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Product Description

Product Description:

The most notable feature of Terrui's water trough is that it is equipped with a 220V 300W heating plate. This innovative heating method guarantees that the water remains ice-free during winter, providing your livestock with drinkable water regardless of freezing temperatures.


The automatic control system embedded within this Water Trough exemplifies modern convenience. This system is designed to maintain the water level automatically, saving you time and effort. The automatic cattle drinker is a reliable way to provide continuous access to water, which is vital for the health and productivity of your cattle. The system is easy to operate, which means even the least tech-savvy farmer can manage it without any hassle.


Another significant benefit of this high-quality Water Trough is its drinking height. Standing at an optimal 260mm, it is the perfect height for cattle to drink comfortably and naturally. This thoughtful design helps prevent strain on the animals' necks and backs, promoting better posture and overall well-being. The height is also advantageous for young calves, making it an all-encompassing solution for livestock of different ages and sizes.


The Livestock Water Tank comes in a vibrant blue color that not only looks visually appealing but also serves a practical purpose. Moreover, the blue color makes the tank easily identifiable in the field, ensuring that it is never overlooked during farm inspections or routine checks.


In conclusion, the  Water Trough is an indispensable tool for farmers who are serious about the care and management of their cattle. Its superior heating method, automatic control system, ideal drinking height, attractive color, and durable weight make it the quintessential automatic cattle drinker for any livestock operation. Investing in this heating cow water trough is not only a wise choice for your farm's efficiency but also a reflection of your commitment to the health and comfort of your cattle.

Terrui 88 Model 4.0 Version 2 Hole Flat Float Ball Anti Freeze Heating Insulated Water Trough 0Terrui 88 Model 4.0 Version 2 Hole Flat Float Ball Anti Freeze Heating Insulated Water Trough 1


Technical Parameters:

Attribute Details
Automatic Control Yes
Drinking Height 260mm
Warranty 1 Year
Material Heavy-duty Impact Resistant Polyethylene
Water Capacity 100L
Flow Rate 40L/min
Heating Method 1 Set Of 220V 300W Heating Plate
Color Blue
Size 1100*700*530mm
Antifreeze Test Yes
Temperature control method Built-in temperature control,15-40°C


The Terrui water trough, designed and originating from China, is a state-of-the-art hydration solution for the modern farm. This product, certified with ISO9001, ensures quality and reliability for your livestock's watering needs. Packaged securely on wooden pallets, the Terrui water tanks are delivered within 7 days of ordering, ensuring a prompt enhancement to your livestock care.


Each Terrui  water trough boasts a generous flow rate of 40L/min, meaning your cattle will have constant access to the water they need to stay healthy and hydrated. What’s more, the tanks have passed rigorous antifreeze tests, ensuring that water remains accessible even in colder climates, making it a reliable heat preservation cow drinker.


Constructed from heavy-duty impact resistant polyethylene, the Terrui water trough is built to withstand the rigors of farm life. This material choice not only provides a robust structure but also ensures a long service life for the product. The drinking height is set at a comfortable 260mm, and with a water capacity of 100L, it supports the needs of multiple animals, making it an ideal automatic cattle drinker.


The cow water trough is perfect for a variety of scenarios and occasions. It can be used in dairy farms, where maintaining the hydration of cows is crucial for milk production. It is also suitable for beef cattle operations, ensuring that cattle have continuous access to water, which is vital for their health and growth. The versatility of the Terrui water trough also extends to other livestock applications such as for horses, sheep, and goats, making it an all-around hydration solution on the farm.


In summary, the Terrui  water trough is a superior product for farmers who need a reliable, automatic cattle drinker. Its quick delivery time, ease of order, and durability make it an excellent addition to any livestock operation seeking to improve their water management system. Whether it is to combat the freezing temperatures in winter or to provide a constant water supply in the heat of summer, this cow water tank stands as a testament to Terrui's commitment to quality and the welfare of livestock.


Terrui 88 Model 4.0 Version 2 Hole Flat Float Ball Anti Freeze Heating Insulated Water Trough 2




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