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Alloy Fan Blade Livestock Ventilation Fans For Farms Bonawind's Specialty

Alloy Fan Blade Livestock Ventilation Fans For Farms Bonawind's Specialty

Bonawind's Specialty Livestock Ventilation Fans

Farms Livestock Ventilation Fans

Alloy Blade Livestock Ventilation Fans

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Product Details
Product Name:
72" Circulation Fan
Outer Rotor Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor
Air Volume/W:
Energy Saving And High Efficiency
Frame Material:
High-strength Double-layer PE
Input Power:
Blade Material:
6pcs Alloy(4mm Thickness)
Max Airflow:
Air Speed:
6.2m/s- 6m To The Fan 4.5m/s-12m To The Fan
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Wooden pallet
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Product Description

The Livestock Ventilation Fans are designed to cater to the modern needs of poultry cooling, ensuring the well-being and productivity of farm animals. These fans are an integral part of maintaining optimal environmental conditions within livestock facilities. Crafted with precision and built to last, these fans are tailored for use in various applicable industries, with farms being the primary focus. The product combines advanced technology with practical design, offering a sustainable solution for indoor farm ventilation.

At the heart of the Livestock Ventilation Fans is the high-efficiency PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor), known for its exceptional performance and energy-saving capabilities. This type of motor is specifically selected for its longevity, quiet operation, and low maintenance requirements, making it an ideal choice for continuous use in demanding farm environments. The PMSM motor ensures that the fan operates smoothly, providing a consistent airflow that is crucial for the health and comfort of poultry.

The fan blades are made of a high-quality alloy, designed to withstand the harsh conditions of a farm environment. This alloy construction not only guarantees durability but also ensures efficient airflow, resulting in effective cooling. The alloy fan blades are resistant to corrosion, which is particularly important in the high-humidity conditions often found in poultry farms. They are also easy to clean, which helps maintain hygiene standards and prevent the spread of diseases among livestock.

These Livestock Ventilation Fans are designed with a modern style in mind, blending seamlessly into the contemporary farm setting. Their sleek and unobtrusive design does not compromise the functionality or efficiency of the fans. The modern aesthetic complements the advanced technology, creating a product that is as visually appealing as it is practical and effective for cooling purposes.

When it comes to versatility, these fans are unmatched. They can be adapted to function as indoor industrial ceiling fans, providing widespread air circulation from above. This feature is particularly beneficial in large barns or indoor spaces where floor space is at a premium. By mounting the fans to the ceiling, they distribute cool air evenly throughout the area, ensuring that all animals benefit from the cooling effects.

For spaces where ceiling mounting is not an option, these fans can also be utilized as dc industrial wall fans. This configuration allows for targeted airflow, directing cool air to specific areas where it is most needed. The wall-mounted design is perfect for creating a comfortable environment for poultry, especially in zones that require more intensive ventilation.

The Livestock Ventilation Fans also function as industrial centrifugal fans, capable of moving large volumes of air efficiently. This capability is essential for proper ventilation, removing excess heat, moisture, and contaminants from the air within the livestock facility. The centrifugal design provides the power needed to ensure that fresh air reaches every corner of the space, contributing to the overall health and comfort of the animals.

Overall, the Livestock Ventilation Fans are a superb choice for any farm looking to improve their indoor air quality and control temperatures for their poultry. The combination of the PMSM motor, alloy fan blades, and modern design make these fans an essential addition to any livestock cooling system. By choosing these fans, farmers can ensure a healthier and more productive environment for their animals, ultimately leading to better performance and profitability for their operations.

Alloy Fan Blade Livestock Ventilation Fans For Farms Bonawind's Specialty 0

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Details

Product Name

72’’/1.83M REFINE Circulation fan


Eye bolts are pre-installed for chains

Frame Material

High-strength Double-layer PE


Outer rotor permanent magnet brushless DC motor

Blade Material

6pcs Alloy(4mm thickness)





Frame Size


Input Power


Rotation Speed

345r/min(20%-100% speed control)



The Terrui Livestock Ventilation Fans are a critical asset for any agricultural operation that prioritizes the welfare and productivity of their livestock. As an industrial air cooling fan, the Terrui brand, originating from China, has established itself as a reliable choice for maintaining optimal environmental conditions within various animal housing facilities. The fans are designed to deliver exceptional performance with a large blade diameter of 115cm, ensuring a significant air volume of 120193m³/h, which is essential for effective poultry cooling.

Every Terrui fan is built with durability in mind, featuring a robust LLDP shell and an alloy fan blade that can withstand the demanding conditions of an agricultural environment. These components, along with the fan’s CE certification, affirm the product’s adherence to international safety and quality standards, giving users peace of mind when it comes to their investment.

The installation of these fans is versatile, making them an excellent fit for various applications. Whether you need a roof industrial fan to provide overhead ventilation or an industrial fan with stand for targeted airflow, Terrui Livestock Ventilation Fans can be adapted to meet those needs. The fans are particularly beneficial during the warmer months or in climates where heat stress can significantly impact animal health and productivity. By facilitating a cool and well-ventilated space, these fans help ensure that poultry remains stress-free and comfortable, which in turn can lead to better growth rates and increased yields.

Concerning logistics, Terrui ensures that purchasing and receiving their Livestock Ventilation Fans is a seamless process. With a minimum order quantity of just two units, even smaller operations can take advantage of the cooling technology offered. The fans are carefully packaged on wooden pallets, providing security during transit and ease of handling upon delivery.

In summary, the Terrui Livestock Ventilation Fans are a superb choice for farmers and agricultural business owners looking to implement a reliable, efficient, and powerful industrial air cooling solution. With these fans, you can maintain a conducive environment for your poultry, ultimately leading to a more successful and profitable operation.



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