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Electric Livestock Ventilation Fans For Optimal Temperature Control

Electric Livestock Ventilation Fans For Optimal Temperature Control

Optimal Temperature Control Livestock Ventilation Fans

Optimal Temperature Control Livestock Fans

Electric Livestock Ventilation Fans

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Product Details
Poultry Cooling
Energy Saving And High Efficiency
Max Air Distance:
Product Name:
Panel Fan
Max Airflow:
Blade Materia:
6pcs Alloy
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Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Wooden pallet
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Product Description

Product Description:

Introducing the pinnacle of agricultural air management solutions – the Livestock Ventilation Fan, meticulously engineered to cater to the stringent demands of contemporary farming operations. Crafted with an unwavering commitment to durability and efficiency, this ventilation fan stands as an essential asset for farmers seeking to optimize the health and productivity of their livestock. Boasting a robust frame material of high-strength double-layer PE, this fan is designed to withstand the rigorous conditions of an agricultural environment while providing superior, long-lasting service.

The Livestock Ventilation Fan is constructed with premium galvanized steel, ensuring resilience against corrosion and wear. This choice of material speaks to a dedication to quality, guaranteeing that the fan will maintain its functionality and structural integrity even in the challenging climates and conditions typically found in farming settings. Whether it's enduring the humidity of a poultry house or the dust-laden air of a livestock barn, this fan is built to last.

At the heart of this industrial fan with stand is a powerful 115cm blade diameter, making it capable of moving vast volumes of air to create an optimal environment for animal rearing. The fan's alloy blades are meticulously designed to deliver maximum airflow with minimal energy consumption, ensuring that your operation remains cost-efficient and sustainable. These blades are not only functional but are crafted from high-quality materials, contributing to the fan's impressive durability and performance.

The Livestock Ventilation Fan incorporates a formidable alloy fan blade that exemplifies strength and precision, capable of slicing through the air to generate a consistent and refreshing breeze. This feature is particularly crucial in maintaining a well-ventilated space, which is vital for the health and comfort of poultry and other livestock. Proper ventilation is key to preventing the buildup of harmful gases, reducing excessive heat, and ensuring that fresh air circulates adequately throughout the facility.

Powered by electricity, this fan is designed for ease of use and seamless integration into existing power sources within agricultural settings. The electric power source provides a reliable and consistent output, allowing for continuous operation without the need for frequent maintenance or fuel replenishment. As an industrial extractor fan, it serves a dual purpose, not only supplying fresh air but also efficiently removing stale, humid, or contaminated air from the premises, thus safeguarding the wellbeing of both animals and farm workers.

The Livestock Ventilation Fan is an industrial fan with stand, offering versatile placement options and easy installation. The stand provides stability and elevation, ensuring that the fan operates at an optimal height to achieve maximum air distribution. Moreover, the stand's design allows for adjustability, enabling farmers to direct airflow precisely where it is needed most, whether to cool down animals, dry bedding, or ventilate enclosed spaces.

This fan is an ideal solution for a range of agricultural applications, including poultry farms, where maintaining the right temperature and air quality is critical for the health and growth of birds. As a poultry fan, it is engineered to cope with the dense populations found in these environments, effectively managing air circulation to curb the spread of diseases and create a comfortable habitat for the poultry to thrive.

In summary, the Livestock Ventilation Fan is a testament to superior craftsmanship and agricultural innovation. Its high-strength double-layer PE frame, galvanized steel material, substantial blade diameter, alloy fan blade, and electric power source come together to form a ventilation solution that is not only powerful but also reliable and efficient. Whether it's for industrial extraction or providing a refreshing breeze for livestock, this fan is an indispensable tool for any farmer dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of animal welfare and operational excellence.

Electric Livestock Ventilation Fans For Optimal Temperature Control 0

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Material Galvanized Steel
Use Poultry Cooling
Feature Energy Saving And High Efficiency
Brandname Bonawind
Product Name Circulation Fan
Motor PMSM Motor
Power Source Electric
Air Volume 121139m³/h
Applicable Industries Farms
Motor Type DC Motor


The Terrui brand, hailing from the origin of China, has established itself as a leader in the development of modern, high-quality livestock ventilation fans. These fans, characterized by their high-strength double-layer PE frame material, are not only durable but also adhere to the rigorous standards set forth by the CE certification. Designed to maintain a healthy and comfortable environment for livestock, Terrui's ventilation fans are an indispensable tool for modern farmers and livestock owners.

With a minimum order quantity of just two units and packaged safely on wooden pallets, these fans are easily accessible to both small-scale and large-scale operations. The fans feature a substantial blade diameter of 115cm, which is specifically engineered to create optimal air circulation within confined spaces, making them an excellent choice for use as an air circulation fan in various agricultural settings.

One of the primary applications for the Terrui livestock ventilation fans is within the poultry industry, where maintaining a cool environment is crucial for the health and productivity of the birds. As a poultry cooling solution, these fans ensure a consistent and gentle air flow that aids in temperature regulation, humidity control, and the prevention of heat stress among the poultry stock.

Apart from poultry, these versatile fans can also serve as a dc industrial wall fan, easily mounted on the walls of barns, stables, and other livestock facilities. Their robust construction and electric power source allow for continuous operation, vital for the maintenance of proper air quality and temperature regulation throughout the facilities. The fans are also suitable for the dairy industry, where they can help to cool cows and other dairy animals, leading to increased comfort and productivity.

For agricultural fairs, exhibitions, and other temporary setups, the Terrui fans can be utilized as an industrial fan with stand. Their mobility and ease of installation make them an ideal option for providing ventilation in temporary tents or outdoor spaces where livestock are showcased or housed temporarily. This adaptability ensures that animals remain in peak condition, regardless of location.

In summary, Terrui's livestock ventilation fans are a versatile and essential tool for any operation that prioritizes the welfare and comfort of their animals. With their modern style, electric power source, and the ability to improve air quality and temperature control, these fans are suited for a wide range of applications and scenarios, from permanent installations in poultry houses to portable solutions for on-the-go livestock management.

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