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Electric Poultry Fan with Air Volume for Poultry Production Line

Electric Poultry Fan with Air Volume for Poultry Production Line

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Product Details
Frame Material:
High-strength Double-layer PE
Product Name:
72"Circulation Fan
Fan Blade:
Alloy Fan Blade
Energy Saving And High Efficiency
Blade Diameter:
Motor Type:
PMSM Motor
Rotation Speed:
345r/min(20%-100% Speed Control)
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Product Description

Product Description:

industrial extractor fans - Bonawind

Bonawind Livestock Ventilation Fans are a must-have for any farm or agricultural operation. These large industrial ceiling fans are specifically designed for barns and other agricultural buildings to provide effective and efficient ventilation for livestock. With a blade diameter of 183cm and a powerful PMSM motor, these fans are able to move a large volume of air to keep your livestock comfortable and healthy.


Bonawind Livestock Ventilation Fans are built with high-strength double-layer PE frame material, making them durable and long-lasting. The frame is designed to withstand harsh agricultural environments, including dust, moisture, and temperature fluctuations. The sturdy frame also ensures stable and quiet operation of the fan, making it suitable for indoor use.

These industrial centrifugal fans are designed to be mounted on the ceiling, providing optimal air circulation and ventilation for your livestock. The large diameter blades are specifically designed to move a high volume of air at low speeds, ensuring a gentle and comfortable breeze for your animals. This helps to prevent heat stress and respiratory issues in your livestock, leading to better overall health and productivity.


Bonawind is a trusted brand in the agricultural industry, known for its high-quality and reliable products. Our Livestock Ventilation Fans are designed and manufactured with the latest technology and the highest quality standards to ensure maximum performance and durability. With years of experience in the industry, Bonawind is committed to providing innovative solutions to meet the unique needs of farmers and livestock owners.

Applicable Industries

Bonawind Livestock Ventilation Fans are suitable for a wide range of industries, with a focus on farms and agricultural operations. Our fans are ideal for barns, stables, poultry houses, and other livestock buildings where proper ventilation is crucial for the health and well-being of animals. These fans are also suitable for greenhouses and other agricultural buildings that require effective air circulation and temperature control.

Electric Poultry Fan with Air Volume for Poultry Production Line 0

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Value
Product Name Livestock Ventilation Fans
Motor PMSM Motor
Blade Diameter 183cm
Frame Material High-strength Double-layer PE
Feature Energy Saving And High Efficiency
Electric Poultry Fan with Air Volume for Poultry Production Line 1


Industrial Fan with Stand

The Terrui Livestock Ventilation Fans come with a sturdy stand that can be easily adjusted to different heights. This feature makes it easier for farmers to install and place the fans in different areas of their farm. The stand is made with durable materials and can withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

Industrial Ceiling Fan

In addition to the stand, the Terrui fans can also be installed as an industrial ceiling fan. This is a great option for farms with limited space or for those who want to maximize the use of their barns. The modern design of the fan makes it a great addition to any farm, adding both functionality and style.

Poultry Hanging Fan

For poultry farms, the Terrui Livestock Ventilation Fans can also be hung from the ceiling. The fans come with a strong and durable hook that can securely hold the fan in place. This feature is especially useful for smaller farms with limited floor space.

Livestock Ventilation

The primary purpose of the Terrui Livestock Ventilation Fans is to provide proper ventilation for poultry and livestock farms. These fans are specifically designed to circulate fresh air inside the barn, reducing the risk of respiratory diseases among the animals. This also helps in controlling the temperature inside the barn, creating a more comfortable environment for the animals.

Cooling System

With a blade diameter of 115cm, these fans are powerful enough to create a strong and consistent air flow, providing efficient cooling for the animals. The alloy fan blade is designed to be lightweight yet durable, ensuring long-lasting use even in high temperatures and humid conditions.


The Terrui Livestock Ventilation Fans are a must-have for any poultry or livestock farm. With its industrial fan with stand, industrial ceiling fan, and poultry hanging fan features, it offers versatility and convenience for farmers. Combined with its efficient ventilation and cooling system, these fans are a great investment for the health and well-being of the animals in the farm.



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